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How do I return an item?

At Berry Posh Prints we believe that the quality of our products and services will determine whether you come back to shop with us again in the future. Your satisfaction is our top concern and we want you to be very happy with the quality of our products.

Due to the highly personalized nature of our products, we cannot accept returns based on customer errors. Berry Posh Prints is not responsible for the following:

  • Errors in spelling, punctuation or accuracy in the text entered by the customer.
  • Poor quality resulting from the use of low-resolution, poor quality or dark images.
  • Variances in color fidelity and brightness from what you see on your computer screen and your printed products.
  • Errors in user-customizable features, such as enhancements, choice of colors, color variation, cropping, border selection and formatting.
  • Font or text size being smaller than it appears on the screen. The printed font will be the exact size that you specify, but depending on your screen resolution and zoom level, it may appear larger or smaller on the computer.
  • Any other creative choices you made that you want to revisit