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Where it all began....

My first design was back in 2010, my co-worker/best friend was needing some invitations designed for her daughter's quinceaƱera. To be honest with you, not sure why she asked me to design it but I did. I did my research on programs that designers use because I refused to use WORD for this special project. So then learned to design in Photoshop by watching many YouTube videos, Lynda.com, and many other tutorials offered online. From that moment on, I was very intrigued in learning more about graphic design that I decided to open a shop on Etsy and sell digital invitations and when I made my first sell, I was even more intrigued. Just the idea of making things look pretty brought satisfaction to my soul. I spent many hours designing invitations and continued to push myself to learn more design programs. I'm went from knowing only Photoshop to Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom and Bridge.

A few years forward, not only do I design custom invitations but I also offer services to help to small businesses for marketing solutions such as websites, banners, business cards, and etc. I continuously  push myself to stay on top of the trend and strive to evolve in this ever changing world of the graphic design business that I love so much!

Rosie Cardona, Founder & Designer of Berry Posh Prints